About Us

The Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center aims to provide high quality cognitive-behavior therapy to adults who have mood and anxiety and related problems, to provide training and consultation in cognitive behavior therapy to professionals and trainees, and to conduct research. We are all involved in training and supervision of graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, and Dr. Persons is teaching a seminar at UC Berkeley this fall. Our Center is unique in its commitment to conducting research in a private practice setting. We strive to provide compassionate, individualized, evidence-based, and effective treatment. We work with each patient to identify his or her goals for treatment, and to monitor progress toward the goals in every session. We use the progress monitoring data both to guide the clinical work and to contribute to knowledge about anxiety, depression, stress, and the process of change in therapy. Read more.

Our Team:

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Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D. (license number PSY7275) specializes in treating depression and anxiety in adults, and in providing training and consultation to professionals who want to strengthen their CBT skills or get help conducting research in a clinical setting. Dr. Persons emphasizes helping her clients set goals for what they want to accomplish in the treatment or training, and monitoring progress toward the goals. Read more.

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Polina Eidelman, Ph.D. (license number PSY25550) Dr. Eidelman specializes in providing individualized cognitive behavior therapy for difficulties that include: sleep problems; trouble understanding and managing moods and emotions; depression; bipolar disorder; problems managing worry and anxiety; procrastination and avoidance; intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors; physical symptoms of anxiety and panic; perfectionism; self-criticism and shame; and trouble managing stress in personal relationships or in the workplace. She aims to collaborate with her patients to provide treatment that is attuned to their unique goals and values. Read more.

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Janie Hong, Ph.D. (license number PSY22758) is committed to addressing the specific and often unique needs of her patients. She carefully structures the therapy based on the problems identified and ensures high quality care by drawing on the latest in CBT research and interventions. Dr. Hong closely monitors each patient’s progress, and adjusts the treatment based on patient feedback and questionnaire data. She specializes in treating adults who struggle with any of the following problems: chronic worry, extreme fears of being negatively judged, panic attacks or unwanted anxiety, overwhelming negative emotions, obsessive thinking, compulsions, perfectionism, procrastination, work or relationship dissatisfaction, binge eating, social skills deficits, uncertainty about the future, and depression. Read more.