Does Using a Form to Collect Feedback from the Patient after Every Session Improve Therapy Outcome?

Study Aims:

1.  To understand the factors that contribute to good therapy outcome.
2.  To learn whether consistent written feedback from patients to their therapist is associated with better therapy outcome.

Study Description:

We invite many of our patients to use a form (the Session Assignment and Feedback Form; SAFF) at every therapy session to track their homework, enhance their learning and engagement in therapy, plan for the next session, and provide feedback to the therapist. We are interested in learning whether use of the SAFF is associated with improved therapy outcomes for our patients.

Investigators at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center:
Janie Hong, Jackie Persons, Polina Eidelman

Research collaborators:
Daniela Owen, San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy
Victoria Lemle Beckner, San Francisco Group for Evidence-based Psychotherapy

Study Status:
We are currently collecting data for this study. We presented a Clinical Roundtable describing the SAFF and offering a few clinical examples of its use at the annual convention of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies in November 2012 in Naval Harbor, Maryland.