Lack of Progress Worksheet


Dr. Jacqueline Persons and Dr. Polina Eidelman invite you to use the Lack of Progress Worksheet to help you think systematically about one of your clients who is experiencing Lack of Progress (LOP; not making progress, getting worse, or at risk of prematurely terminating treatment) and to make an action plan to address the LOP. We hope this worksheet will help you systematically think through the LOP and develop concrete and actionable next steps to help with this case.

We provide the Worksheet online, free of charge, and available for your use at any time. We estimate that completing it will require 20+ minutes. However, if you need to pause and save your work, you can do so at any time.

We take numerous steps to protect your privacy and that of the patient about whom you will complete the worksheet:

  1. We will not ask you for any information about your LOP client except for initials or a nickname for the client for the purpose of helping you focus your Worksheet efforts on one particular client.
  2. Your responses to the Worksheet are completely anonymous. We do not collect the IP address of your computer or any information that will identify you.
  3. You will not be asked to open a SurveyMonkey account or to log into SurveyMonkey with your name or e-mail address.

When you complete the Worksheet, we will invite you to give us permission to use your (anonymous) responses to help us improve the Worksheet and to contribute to research on clinical decision-making. Your agreement to this is completely optional and will not influence your ability to access the Worksheet or your responses to it.

Please click here to access the Worksheet! 

Please feel free to contact Dr. Persons or Dr. Eidelman should you have any questions or comments about the Worksheet.