Developing an Initial Conceptualization for an Adult Complex Case: A Hand-on Exercise

Jacqueline B. Persons, Ph.D., Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center and University of California, Berkeley will present a Master Clinician session entitled
Developing an Initial Conceptualization for an Adult Complex Case: A Hand-on Exercise
at the annual conference of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America in San Francisco on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Description: Dr. Persons will present didactic material on the process of developing a case conceptualization, and will guide participants through the process of constructing an initial case conceptualization for a multiple-problem anxious, depressed, or anxious depressed adult case. A case conceptualization provides the clinician with a systematic guide to applying the interventions described in empirically-supported treatments, which generally target single disorders, not the multiple-problem cases that we routinely encounter in clinical practice, and guides clinical problem-solving as treatment proceeds. Treatment guided by a case conceptualization has been shown to be generally equal, and occasionally superior, to standardized treatment (Persons & Hong, 2016). Please identify a multiple-problem case of a depressed, anxious, or depressed anxious adult patient that you’d like to work on during the session, and bring a few notes about the case (no identifying details) that might help you in the process of developing a conceptualization.