First Steps

If you are interested in making an appointment or learning more about our Center, the first step is to contact us.

The therapist who calls you back will spend 10-15 minutes answering any questions you might have and learning more about what you are hoping to get help for. If you are interested in treatment at the Center, the next step is scheduling an initial consultation appointment. If, for some reason, therapists at our Center are not a good fit or are not available to take new patients, the therapist you speak to will provide you with referral options.

The Consultation Appointment

Treatment at the Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Science Center begins with a consultation. The goals of the consultation are:

  • For the therapist to assess your situation in detail and offer treatment recommendations, which might or might not include treatment at the CBT and Science Center.
  • For you to evaluate whether you agree with the therapist’s treatment recommendations and whether you feel comfortable working with the therapist.

The consultation can usually be completed in one or two sessions, but occasionally three to four sessions are required.

Contact us to schedule a consultation appointment.

Fees and Insurance

The therapists’ fees for a 50-minute consultation or therapy session range from $210 to $260. We generally ask our patients to pay the fee at the time of the session.

We do not accept insurance. However, we are happy to provide a statement that can be submitted to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Individuals hoping to receive reimbursement are encouraged to contact their insurance provider for the details of their coverage for out-of-network providers.